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Introducing a new pre workout for women…

What makes Powher the best pre workout for women?

If none of that sounds appealing, then the chances are you have been looking for a new type of energy supplement powder…

One that will use the very best ingredients to help you speed up fat loss without the nasty side effects caused by cheap stimulants.

Powher is a premium workout supplement designed from the ground up to work in tandem with the specific physical needs of women!

In particular Powher uses cutting edge ingredients like our bespoke formulation utilizes a caffeine booster called Enxtra. Enxtra blends together three natural ingredients that work alongside caffeine to amplify its effect.

As a result Powher is able to use less caffeine than its competitors in order to eliminate your chances of getting side effects. The overall result is a low caffeine pre workout that delivers vastly superior results to the majority of high stimulant options out there.


Powerful energy to support longer, more intense workouts.

Australian research has shown that doing short bursts of intense exercise with small breaks in between is the best way to burn fat fast.

The problem for most of us however is that each day is different and we’re always asking ourselves the same question; how do you find the motivation to exercise?

Powher has been designed to support your weight loss journey in and out of the gym by providing your body with the clean energy it needs to see results. Our stable release system also means that Powher is the perfect ally if you’re into almost any type of endurance cardio.

This includes; Swimming, cycling, resistance training, cross-fit and even marathon running too.

The Powher pre workout formula uses Rednite, a derivative of Beetroot with 10 times the antioxidants. Rednite has been shown to reduce the body’s natural tendency to fatigue as well as elevate the power of the muscles right the way through to the end of a training session.

On top of this there’s also a healthy dose of L-Citruline malate, this amino acid can is known to support endurance and decrease muscle soreness. One study found it increased energy production by up to 20%.


Cognitive boosters for superior focus and strength

The brain is a powerful tool in your quest to achieve your ideal figure. Now, you might be trying to nail your PB on the road or perhaps you’re mind managing your core through that killer ab workout.


Quite often when it comes to pushing yourself to train harder your mind plays tricks on you and deceives you into thinking you can’t go heavier with your squats or run yourself through the pain barrier.

Powher’s unique system harnesses cutting edge ingredients to help you be more motivated and focussed during your training sessions. This new pre workout uses patented ingredients like Enxtra to help improve mental alertness as well Oxyjun which can help increase power to the lower limbs.

And Remember:

Powher is designed to help you produce incremental gains so you can steadily turn your body into a fat burning machine. This doesn’t mean blowing your back out by going nuts with super heavy deadlifts. Instead it is about overcoming reasonable mental barriers to allow you tone up and shed fat safely.


Slow release caffeine to avoid a crash

If you’re a gym bunny the odds are you’ve read about the negative effects of caffeine or at least know some of the side effects of coffee in females. The fact is that overdosing on this well-known stimulant can cause symptoms such as jitters and a racing heart. Taking too much can impact on a whole range of things, including skin health and even levels of anxiety and depression.

Powher enables you to ditch the caffeine pills by including the stim free alternative EnXtra.

This pioneering ingredient offers a sustained release of energy over a 4 to 5 hour period, this ensures that you get all the benefits associated with caffeine but without any of the negative, long term effects.

The result…

A new pre workout energy drink that has been carefully formulated to help women sculpt their body without looking bulky or feeling unwell.

An athlete performing squats, benefitting from Powher suppliments


How to take Powher

To get the best results:

  • Mix 1x 10g scoop of Powher with 250ml of water.
  • Consume 30 minutes prior to your workout.


How to take Powher

To get the best results:

  • Mix 1x 10g scoop of Powher with 200ml of water.
  • Consume 30 minutes prior to your workout.

How do the best rehydration drinks work?

The signs and symptoms of dehydration are all too common for those performing intense exercise. You might be asking, what is the recommended water intake for athletes? Well opinion is divided on that.


There is no question that the right nutrition prior to and after exercise is key in preventing fatigue due to glycogen
depletion. Fuelling your body with minerals and electrolytes is a great tip to stay hydrated and especially crucial if you are looking to improve your stamina during endurance sports.

Powher utilizes Coconut Water Powder. This natural ingredient is rich in potassium an and has been heralded for its weight loss benefits. It has also been shown to improve the balance of fluids in your body, with some studies arguing that it provides better hydration benefits than water and high electrolyte drinks.

Coconut water has also been publicized as a healthy alternative to branded sports drinks due to its low sugar content.




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